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Gfi East

We provide comprehensive IT and consulting services across Europe. Our offices are located in 5 countries: Poland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Romania. We grow every year and employ 870 employees, including over 720 developers. Our business maintains 20 specialized groups and supports over 30 systems and platforms.

Gfi Informatique

In 2016 Impaq joined the Gfi Informatique Group, which currently employs 27,000 IT specialists in 24 countries.

Together we are able to provide global system development, integration, maintenance and support in the area of IT and business management.


Our business develops solutions for banks, insurance and telecom companies. We provide our customers with tried-and-tested technologies in Java, Microsoft .NET solutions, user interfaces such as AngularJs, jQuery, Ember.js, mobile applications.

We specialize in creating web systems, sales systems, data warehouses, solutions and migration of systems based on Azure and test automation. We also work with technologies related to Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex systems such as the AML & Compliance Platform kdprevent™ and the AntiFraudHub. We prevent money laundering and detect external and internal fraud. Our flagship solutions are in successful operation world-wide.



This is the total number of all employees of the entire GFI Group from all corners of the world.


Millions of EURO revenue from the sale of IT solutions in 2017.


As the GFI Group, we are present in 20 countries around the world: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore


These are our Shared Service Centers located in France: (LILLE, LYON, NANTES, TOULOUSE, MEUDON) and ALICANTE (Spain), LISBON (Portugal), COVILHA (Portugal), CASABLANCA (Moroko), WARSAW (Poland), POZNAŃ ( Poland), LUBLIN (Poland), PUNE (India), SAO PAULO (Brazil), BOGOTA (Colombia), MACAO (APAC), BUCHAREST (Romania)


A wide range of activities


Number of Gfi East employees – most of them are highly specialized IT staff.


We have designed and implemented so many systems as a complete solution, including ongoing IT support – during our operations.


As Gfi East, we operate in 5 countries – Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Romania, Austria.


Number of office localizations (Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, Lublin, Bucharest) we have service centers – providing services to our clients.


We rely on proven good rules!

Good values help in achieving success, and it’s double – winning projects  & team satisfaction!

Team Work

An individual wins a game, Teamwork wins championships. In Gfi Poland, we believe that working together creates positive atmosphere and motivates us. Our roles are driven by our. Passion, courage, team spirit and the ability to ask questions and suggest solutions are some of the many features that will ensure the success of our ongoing projects.


In Gfi Poland, we keep the promises we make. We push to exceed commitments made to ourselves and others. We feel responsible for our team members. Responsibility is also one of the fundamental values of our company, which means responsibility for the natural environment. Therefore we encourage our employees to act together and contribute to environmental protection by taking part in different eco activities.


We focus on success, learn from the past projects and develop new ideas. We pride ourselves in quality of our deliveries, measured by Customer feedback and our own Quality Assurance. Focus on Quality guarantees the satisfaction of Customers and our own team.


Innovation is our drive, Innovation is our style.  All innovations contributing to Gfi Poland growth are considered and addressed by Innovation Capture Process. This way we create the future of our company.

We believe that the world can be programmed!


Thanks to partner cooperation, Gfi has access to additional information, skills and expert knowledge

Gfi cooperates with many trusted partners – specialists in various fields. The partnership cooperation system is an added value for customers because we can make the most of synergy and integrate additional knowledge and technologies.

We always strive to improve and enrich our offer with additional services.
If you are interested in partnering, please contact us.