AI White paper by Gfi

50 pages about Artificial Intelligence!

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A powerful platform that optimizes building enterprise level Chat Bots and provides a robust and complete portal for it’s training and management by people with no coding skills.

A Solution on your Azure


Botfoundry’s vision is to be a solution on YOUR Azure tenant and there’s no dependance to GFI, it is in your extended Information System.

The solution also exists in a managed service package.

Vision Learn is a set of tools for accelerating and streamlining Computer Vision solutions, especially the ones involving Machine Learning enabling otherwise impossible projects

Data Capture

Video streams are recorded from any sources on a vast majority of devices. Functions on pictures too 📷

Data Processing

Image streams or pictures are processed through A.I software based on different kinds of algorithms : from basic image processing to deep learning technology 🧠

KPI Extraction

Cleaned and analyzed data is then transformed into indicators and relevant metrics, based on your requirements and expectations 📊


Marcin Mizgalski

I enjoy complex projects handling together with my customers, aiming at innovations, digital transformations, complex (cross-organization) IT services setup. It is my great pleasure at Gfi to develop sales strategy towards new projects acquisition within IoT, Blockchain, Telecom industries, as well as the other vertical markets. Geographical coverage: international projects, mostly within Western Europe.