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Listen to those who have already participated in the apprenticeships and internships 😉

Karolina and Tomek are our interns – they tell us in detail how such a teaching process looks like and is it worth it?

How did Karolina evaluate the internship? Was it worth it? Did she gain the knowledge she expected? These and other answers to questions in the above video.

And how did Tomek spend his time on the internship? Did he discover new amazing things? Did he gain the necessary practical knowledge? That’s what we asked him about! Listen to how he evaluated us at 🙂

Piotr – one of the supervisors of the internship, tells how it looks like from his perspective. You will learn what you can expect from the apprenticeship or the internship at our firm!


Listen to those who have already participated in the apprenticeships and internships 🙂


Apprenticeships in Gfi last one month and unpaid. They are addressed to people who are looking for their first professional experience in the IT industry. As a participant of the apprenticeship you will have the opportunity to turn theoretical knowledge into experience. You will also learn how the everyday work of a programmer looks like. If your time availability is min. 20 hours a week, and after the apprenticeship you would like to further develop with us – apply!


Internships are addressed to people who already have their first professional experience related to the industry. Here, we also expect your availability of min. 20 hours a week. The internship is paid and lasts 3 months. After completing the whole program it is possible to extend the cooperation with us at the position of Junior.


Below we present examples of development paths.

Below we present examples of development paths.

Their subject matter and scope change from time to time.


Recruitment for apprenticeships and internships has ended

We started the Apprenticeship and Internship Program in 2012. At the beginning we accepted only a few people during the summer holidays.

From 2018 the recruitment for the Apprenticeship and Internship Program has been ongoing cyclically throughout the year.

Thank you for all applications!

Another recruitment will start soon
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Questions and answers

Apprentice Stażysta
Duration (period) 1 month 3 months
Remuneration Unpaid Paid


The level of your qualifications depends on the whole recruitment process.

Apprentice -> Intern -> Junior

Currently available profiles are for Developer, DevOps and Tester.

  1. Apply via the form.
  2. Solve the task ( developer’s profiles).
  3. Meet with us.
  4. Join us.
  1. Basic knowledge of issues related to the IT area.
  2. Time availability: minimum 20 hours per week.
  3. Communicative knowledge of English.
  4. Fervor and willingness to work.

No, please select one profile.

No. We are open to both students and people who want to change their career.

Submit your CV using our form and include the following information in your message:

– Your time availability.

– The internship profile of which you have chosen.

  • Tracking the course of a real project with the use of modern technologies.
  • Great working atmosphere.
  • Substantive support of professionals
  • Internal trainings conducted by our specialists.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • No rigid corporate procedures!
  • Continuing cooperation on a paid internship, and then on the position of Junior.


Knowledge, experience and practice - what do graduates say about us?


Martyna – Junior Programmer / Graphic Designer

Almost 2 years ago as an unaware student of the Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences she started her adventure in the Gfi company. She came here for an apprenticeship, full of energy and willingness to learn new things. Her potential was quickly discovered and from an apprentice she became a fully-fledged trainee. And it started…. A lot of interesting projects in various technologies, from ASP.Net, through MEAN, to SharePoint. Meetings with interesting people who willingly passed on their knowledge. Opportunity to participate in internal company actions, thanks to which she got to know the company better, as well as co-workers. Additionally, at the beginning of the apprenticeship, her love for computer graphics was discovered. As a result, apart from participation in interesting programming projects, there were also challenges in the artistic field, thanks to which she can develop on two levels. And today, after graduating with a Master’s degree, she works at the positions of Junior Programmer and Graphic Designer with almost 2 years of professional experience. Privately – an artistic soul girl with a passion for motorization and cooking.


Monika – Junior QA Analyst

My “Hello World” to the IT world took place during the summer internships Gfi in 2015. I was responsible for writing the application manual. I had to know how the system works. I started wondering if it should work this way or not. My team showed me how to report inaccuracies and bugs. I started testing. I liked this holiday job and the following year I finished my teaching career (in the meantime I took part in WarsawQA and several online courses). Since July 2016 I have been working on a very interesting project in the aviation industry and I have the “honour” to ensure the quality of the delivered product. Supposedly “angelic patience” helps me in this work.


Wiktor – Junior QA Analyst

I started my adventure with Gfi with student internships. At that time I was a student of aviation at the National Defence Academy, and my knowledge of programming and testing at that time could be described in one word – null. I only had a general idea of computers and a passion for science. Today I know that it was enough. Soon it will be 3 years of my work for Gfi as Junior QA Analyst. The knowledge acquired during my studies is useful in my daily work in a project for an aviation company. During this time I learned several programming languages and frameworks, and thanks to the company’s support I gained certificates confirming my skills. It wouldn’t have been possible without great people from the teams in which I worked. Lonely wolves are not here. Everyone plays as a team. Here every day at work is like meeting a bunch of good old friends.


Jacek – Junior Programmer / Designer

I started my adventure with programming as a self-taught, writing simple web applications in Java. The cooperation with Gfi started with an internship during which I got acquainted with the automation of tests in .NET technology. Thanks to the help of my teammates I was able to catch programming flow and expand my knowledge, which allowed me to broaden my competences. They also include application development in this technology. I owe it all to the work of the whole team. Without them it would be impossible. In Gfi we are all a team! This is also our motto after work when we do at sports activities organized by the company, such as football or volleyball.