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Gfi Academy is a free workshop series for people who want to start their adventure in IT, covering quite a wide range of topics. Mentors present, among others, good practices of conducting analyses, testing and programming, which are particularly useful in business. It is important for us to talk not only about theory, but above all we want to focus on practice. We are proud, for example, of a series of workshops about manual and automatic tests and Databases or Java programming.

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What is the Academy?

The Academy is a series of free workshops covering programming, testing, SCRUM methodology, i.e. topics related to the IT industry. Many participants decide to stay with us as employees.

Why is it worth taking part in the Academy?

Thanks to the Academy you have the opportunity to broaden your academic knowledge by actively participating in the creation / development of applications from start to finish.

Who can take part in the Academy?

The Academy workshops are dedicated primarily to students and graduates of technical faculties.

You don’t study / you haven’t studied technical faculty but you want to see how the world of IT looks like. Welcome to our firm! You already have a lot of experience and you are interested in the subject. Join us!

Gfi Academy is more of a theory or practice?

Definitely practice, practice and once again practice ? This is the fastest way to learn how to use the latest technologies and you won’t be afraid to use them in commercial projects.

What are the topics of the Academy?

Workshops are devoted to Java languages, Java Script, Angular framework, .NET technology, software testing, Blockchain technology and SCRUM methodology.

When can you apply to the Gfi Technology Academy?

You can apply all year round – because similarly as in the recruitment process at Gfi Technology Academy, we also select the best promising candidates. We inform about the start of the workshops individually.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are people who also started their adventure at university and today they are valued programmers, testers or Scrum masters. They have been improving their skills for many years and through the Academy they will share their knowledge and experience with you.

How to apply for the Academy?

To apply for the Academy, just write to

Please write in the content of the e-mail: name and surname, telephone number, university, year and field of study and specify which workshops you are interested in. It is also necessary to agree to the process of personal data – attached to an e-mail or e.g. in a CV.


Gfi Academy
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Dorota – Senior UX Designer

A computer scientist, she has been involved in software development for fifteen years. During her career she went through a wide range of duties from programmer through support and maintenance and business analysis. Currently, she has been involved in UX design for five years. She specializes in complex web applications used in enterprises. She loves processes and solid logic behind a simple interface. She works at Axure. After work hours, she is passionate about cycling. She participates in numerous bicycle races.


Łukasz – Senior Analyst

Łukasz, an experienced quality assurance analyst with experience gained in agile and formal methodology projects for both Polish and foreign customers. He effectively introduces the secrets of software testing, thanks to which the customers receive products as assumed in the project itself and accidental situations are marginal.


Maciej – Blockchain Expert

Maciej, Blockchain specialist with thirty years of programming experience. A man with many interests and talents, who has a mission to promote knowledge about how cryptography and public trust in transaction confirmation can affect systems used all over the world.


Piotr – senior .NET programmer, Team Leader

Programming is not only a job for him, but above all it is a passion. He specializes in Microsoft technologies. His adventure with Gfi began with apprenticeships, which resulted in cooperation lasting to this day, filled with many interesting projects.


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