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Embedded systems grow in strength!

Solutions based on microcontrollers are our specialty

Our company designs embedded systems, which play an increasingly important role both in industry and in Consumer life. The number of microcontrollers hidden in computers, cars, household appliances, airplanes, toys and mobile devices is constantly growing. More and more functionality depends on software and many improvements, innovations are today the result of the use of processors, controllers and displays.

We will provide you with support at any stage of the project – starting from the selection of a microcontroller, implementation of drivers, complete microcontroller modules, firmware/software, as well as system prototyping.

Embedded Systems

  • Firmware development & Validation
  • Architecture design
  • DSP algorithms development
  • AI & machine learning
  • Low-level drivers for MCU development
  • Time-critical control systems with RTOS


  • SoM development
  • Dataloggers and controllers design
  • Motor controllers
  • Environment parameters sensors
  • Schematic & PCB Design
  • Testing for EMC (CE) compatibility, pre-compliance tests
  • Wireless, low-power devices and sensors design

Supported new technology areas

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Wearables
  • smart sensors,
  • smart houses etc.

Key technologies and tools

  • C, C ++, C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • Vector
  • Eclipse
  • KEIL
  • IAR
  • Qt
  • JavaFx
  • Xamarin


Anna Kozicka

I am driven by building strong, valuable partnerships and helping people reach their goals. As an experienced professional focused on semiconductors and electronics industry, I support world class players in finding the most effective solutions to their struggles, whether it is a lack of software resources, high cost of application development or software quality improvement.