Car Configuration

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Sales support system for importers and dealer networks. It is used to prepare a complete and dedicated to the customer configuration based on factory data, official price lists and marketing materials. It is integrated with CRM and is used to obtain leads.


  • Car configuration
  • Financial calculation
  • Configuration decoding based on marketing code
  • Support for marketing campaigns
  • Event and promotion services


  • Web interface
  • Interface for mobile devices
  • Support of various configurator variants (full, simplified, tailored to the campaign)
  • Configurator based on brand name combinators data
  • Vehicle visualisation: interior and bodywork


Marek Kuzka

Z branżą IT związany jestem od ponad 15 lat. Odpowiadam za rozwój sprzedaży oraz współpracę z nowymi i obecnymi Klientami z sektora Enterpise w zakresie rozwoju oprogramowania, systemów klasy ERP, Business Intelligence i Document Managment System (DMS).