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AntiFraud Hub is a fraud prevention platform. It is a great fit where you need to make a decision or evaluate it later. If the scope of data available for analysis allows it – the system will also help to find fraudsters in your own organization. The system has a modular structure, which allows our customers to select sets focused on their needs and include further components.

AntiFraud Hub is a platform for fraud prevention:

  • credit fraud
  • endogenous
  • transaction
  • web-based

The system will verify incoming applications and transactions in real time, make appropriate decisions and, if necessary, create an alert containing all the necessary information so that the analyst can make an efficient analysis and adopt its decision.


  • Analysis of requests and transactions to detect fraud attempts
  • Flexible management of rules and strategies
  • Verification based on data from the bank’s own databases, databases and external sources
  • Easily create your own rules, strategies and scoring management
    Full auditability of processes
  • Built-in alert management, negative information management, black and white ad-hoc lists, correspondence register, dedicated data repositories

Process support

  • prevention of credit fraud – analysis of credit applications, verification of credibility of applicants in the bank’s and national databases
  • analysis of anti-fraud of payment transactions, including instant payments, in real time
  • managing the customer and employee knowledge base
  • handling cases and correspondence with law enforcement authorities


Dariusz Wojtas

I have 15 years of experience in software development. I specialized in product management, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. I also responsible for R&D of AntiFraud Hub and kdprevent platforms. Technology is my passion, I graduated of Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics,  and MBA studies at French Institute of Management. In addition to this I graduated of University of Warsaw from Postgraduate Project Management studies.