Decision engine

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Analysis and evaluation of incoming messages

The AFH Decision Engine allows the analysis and evaluation of incoming messages. It allows you to analyze transactions, detect anomalies and immediately take the necessary preventive measures.

Or maybe you want to classify your customer base? Our Decision Engine is for you.


  • Requesting for any kind of incoming data
  • Easy creation and testing of subsequent rules and strategies
  • Full auditing of decision-making processes
  • Taking action as a result of the decision-making process
  • Real-time work but also the ability to verify data in a batch
  • Scalability

Process support

  • Analysis of anti-fraud of credit applications
  • Analysis of anti-fraud of banking transactions
  • Risk assessment when concluding a policy
  • Preparation of personalized offers in the sales process, e.g. proposal of a specific loan for a bank customer or sale of an item on the basis of a customer’s profile


Małgorzata Mierzwa

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