Fraud prevention

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Full control over the security of transactions

Popularization of online transactions without the need to visit the company’s premises has intensified fraud attempts.

Our AntiFraud Hub system allows for quick analysis of incoming transactions (transfers, credit applications, orders via the Internet) and immediate reaction through the use of new methods and tools that allow to predict the threats. The platform allows for quick integration with customer systems, external data sources and integration into business processes.

With AntiFraud Hub, certain transactions can be stopped and analyzed with full insight into the underlying causes.


  • Quick analysis of incoming transactions (real time)
  • High degree of flexibility in adapting the application logic
  • Integration with external data sources, e.g. Reserved Documents Database, List of people on warrant, etc.
  • Extensive alert support with full cause preview and drill-down analysis
  • Full auditing of decisions taken

Process support

  • Prevention of credit and leasing fraud
  • Prevention of transactional fraud
  • Prevention of web fraud
  •  Underwriting
  • Prevention of insurance fraud
  • Computer forensics and cybercrime


Dariusz Wojtas

I have 15 years of experience in software development. I specialized in product management, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. I also responsible for R&D of AntiFraud Hub and kdprevent platforms. Technology is my passion, I graduated of Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics,  and MBA studies at French Institute of Management. In addition to this I graduated of University of Warsaw from Postgraduate Project Management studies.