RPA - Robotic Process Automation

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When robots take over the operation of repetitive processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can bring up to 50% cost savings by automating intensive and repeatable tasks. They increase the accuracy and efficiency of process execution. As a virtual employee, RPA replicates the actions of users, leads to a reduction or exclusion of human intervention in repetitive and difficult manual processes. Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies transform core operations and innovate into process management. Robotization is one of the paths of widely understood business automation.

Why us?

  • People – an experienced team of consultants
  • Projects – we share good practices developed in the implemented projects
  • Tools – UiPath, Blueprism and several open source tools

Process support

  • Backoffice – processes related to repetitive processes
  • Finances – processes related to verification, comparison and introduction of standard information in accounting systems
  • Customer service – call handling processes


Małgorzata Mierzwa

I support clients in achieving goals and optimizing processes in the company. I advise on software development, cost reduction, quality improvement and system performance. Depending on the project I provide experienced specialists with unique technological competences.