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Credit risk assessment

A method that makes it possible to assess the borrower’s reliability, assess the credit risk and assess whether a person will have a problem with the timely delivery of cash.

Simply put, the profile of a potential customer is compared to the profile of other people who have already received a loan or credit.

The result is in the form of points. The higher the number of points and similar to the result of the person who pays the amount due on time, the less risky the applicant is for the bank. The financial institution will be more willing to grant him/her a credit or loan.


  • Application scoring – Used to evaluate new customers. Based on the analysis of data concerning borrowers who have received a loan in the past, a scoring card is built. It is used by banks, insurance companies and shipping companies.
  • Behavioural scoring – used to assess regular customers who already use the lender’s offer. It corresponds to whether the customer meets certain conditions in order to offer him/her an additional product from the offer, e.g. to offer the customer an additional loan, to increase the card limit.
  • Profit scoring – focuses on achieving maximum profit and not on limiting credit risk. It is necessary to define the sales policy, i.e. whether it is more profitable to maximize the profit on the client or the profit on the product.

Process support

  • Segmentation of customers
  • Complex decision making processes
  • Assessing the credibility of customers
  • Customer behaviour profiling
  • Analysis and reporting


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