Transaction fraud

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Real-time analysis

Banks are required to analyse transactions for AML processes and the prevention of terrorist financing. However, there is a growing need for real-time anti-fraud analysis of transactions. AntiFraud Hub system enables quick analysis of transactions both online and by analysing parcels of transactions in interbank exchange, e.g. Elixir.


  • Real-time transaction analysis
  • Dedicated web service
  • Elixir package handling
  • Flexible rule management
  • Automatic decision making in case of a timeout
  • Support for multi-banking

Process support

  • Execution of client transactions
  • Exchange of parcels of transactions in the Elixir system


Dariusz Wojtas

I have 15 years of experience in software development. I specialized in product management, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. I also responsible for R&D of AntiFraud Hub and kdprevent platforms. Technology is my passion, I graduated of Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics,  and MBA studies at French Institute of Management. In addition to this I graduated of University of Warsaw from Postgraduate Project Management studies.