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CRM Solution for Insurance Carriers

In a direct distribution model, successful business is all about customers – finding, serving and keeping satisfied, loyal customers. These important customer relationships must be managed across the enterprise, among sales, marketing and customer service.

Over 25 years of experience in the financial industry has allowed us to create a CRM Traviata solution that supports sales and customer service processes in the insurance industry. The Traviata tool perfectly cooperates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the market leader. The Single View of the Customer centralizes information about parties (policy holders, beneficiaries…) that is often spread over different departments in one single 360° view. To get a real 360° view, it’s not enough for insurance companies to see sales information like quotes, policies, etc.

With Traviata Claims management, you can also handle your claims via definable steps. First, the identification of the party, policy details (with version) and type of incident. Next, the process which includes related parties, objects, place of incident, coverage based on guarantees of the policy, providers meeting the criteria (distance…) to do the assistance, execution, claims amount, object value. When working with intermediaries (B2B B2C business model), Traviata can support business processes focusing on the animation of the distribution channel and follow up on the sales pipeline.


  • More transparency and visibility regarding to do’s across the different services
  • Possibility to follow up KPIs
  • Improved service and communication towards customers and bank agents
  • More efficient work sharing and priority setting
  • Reliable Microsoft technology with unlimited expansion possibilities
Single View of the Customer (B2C)
Single View of the Broker (B2B)
Claims Management (B2C)

Some of our Customers

Many Insurers with thousands of CRM users already benefit from our CRM solution for Insurance Carriers, like:


Monika Łuszczak

Monika Łuszczak

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