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Efficient protection against fraud

Making transactions over the Internet has become a standard. Operations commissioned via the Internet channel constitute the majority today – this includes operations on a bank account, making purchases in e-commerce, managing one’s profile at a service provider. At the same time, statistics say that the number of cybercrime events is growing.

AntiFraud Hub has a fraud protection function in the web channel. The system allows you to monitor streams of requests to protected systems and detect threats, builds user behavior profiles and device profiles, allows you to detect suspicious transactions. At the same time AntiFraud Hub is transparent for customers and does not require installation of additional software in their systems.


  • Active HTTP(s) traffic monitoring
  • Transparent for protected applications
  • No software installation required on customer’s computer
  • Detection of malware through learning mode and production mode
  • The system takes action when it becomes suspicious or detects an irregularity
  • Use of geolocation in the application
  • The entire installation in the Bank’s infrastructure
  • Security leveling
  • History of user actions

Process support

  • Protection of web applications


Dariusz Wojtas

I have 15 years of experience in software development. I specialized in product management, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. I also responsible for R&D of AntiFraud Hub and kdprevent platforms. Technology is my passion, I graduated of Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics,  and MBA studies at French Institute of Management. In addition to this I graduated of University of Warsaw from Postgraduate Project Management studies.