Mediation and Charging

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Ecosystem of telecommunications solutions

Gfi East works with multiple vendors providing Mediation & Charging platforms in order to build convergent ecosystem, scalable, flexible, cost efficient. We help the operators our know-how in business rules creation to successfully optimize the growing data transmission traffic in 3G/LTE networks.


  • Mass data processing domain knowledge
  • Installation and integration of mediation platforms with GSM/3G/LTE network and BSS
  • Platform customization according the business requirements
  • Workflow customization, implementation and testing including real time charging


  • Creation of prepaid, postpaid and convergent tariffs with services and migration from legacy to new billing systems
  • Selected platforms development & operations: DigitalRoute – MediationZone® and Nokia Siemens Networks – charge@once mediate
  • 24/7 high SLA support for platforms and services


Piotr Kubiak

Customers are the most important to me, I try to understand their needs, help them achieve their goals, build long-term relationships based on trust. The areas I deal with are IT solutions supporting the activities of telecommunications operators, such as M2M platform, sales analysis and reporting, customer service support, processing and verification of data from various sources, as well as integration and programming services.