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Multi Technology service provider

Today, OSS system solutions move towards completely new operations paradigm.

Hardware and software suppliers need to face the new challenges related with shortened lifecycle of the infrastructure driven by shortened lifecycle of the services. There is no more space for long-term ROI like it used to be within traditional systems (5-20 years or more in operations). All the investments are recently focused on rapid service delivery, limited number of subscribers in use and limited CAPEX/OPEX spending.

There is a need for integrating existing OSS platforms (very often legacy ones) with new solutions. The new ecosystems have to be designed as fully automated systems (in form of Self Organized Networks e.g.) that include management-as-a–service logic. This helps the companies combine traditional infrastructure (e.g. telecom voice/sms/data offering in case of telecom operators) with the new offering like narrowband network services (including IoT), cloud based services, distributed infrastructure platforms (including blockchain infrastructure), etc.


  • Command, ServicePlanet, ProcessEngine, StagingArea (FNT Software)
  • StableNet (Infosim)
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool Suite
  • NETadmin
  • Nokia OSS Solutions
  • Custom Development Solutions
  • ITIL, eTOM, bluEDGE Methodology
  • Other dedicated platforms

Range of services

  • Business & Technical Consulting
  • Software / System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Managed Services
  • Operations, Maintenance and Support
  • Quality Testing
  • Legacy systems operations


  • FNT Software
  • Infosim
  • TechData
  • Controlware
  • nextEDGE


Roger Roth

Strategy development is my passion. I live for elaborating innovative solutions. Customers appreciate my engagement and trust my integrity and advice.
I have over 10 years experience in the telecommunication sector, particularly in the operation and integration of Operations Support Systems (OSS) / Network and Service Provisioning, in complex environments. Aditionally, over 5 years experience in building OSS environment solution architecture designs.